Application of carbon fiber in industrial field

2023-01-05 13:42:40 tanchain

Carbon fiber and composite materials offer innovative solutions for industrial projects. Compared with traditional materials, carbon fiber composites have excellent performance in structural repair and reinforcement, industrial tools and equipment.

Advantages of Composites Products for Engineering

The main advantages of composite materials in the engineering field are reflected in the following aspects:

  • Lightweight

  • Easy application

  • Corrosion resistance (Resistance to corrosion)

  • Resistance to fatigue

  • High tensile strength

  • High tensile modulus

  • Low thermal expansion coefficient ratio

  • Durability

Applications to Architecture and Historic Monuments

Civil engineering structures (bridges, viaducts, etc.), buildings and historical monuments require long-term maintenance, reinforcement and restoration. Typical uses of carbon fiber composites in the repair and maintenance of buildings and monuments include carbon fiber rods and laminates.

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Carbon fiber rods and laminates are easy to use in construction and civil engineering projects due to the material's light weight, packaging and quick installation. These products meet the mechanical performance specifications required by the construction industry.

Pultruded composites have been used in the construction or restoration of many civil engineering projects, the main areas of application include:

  • Restoration of aging steel, wood, stone and concrete structures

  • Reinforcement of smaller structures

  • Repairing Building Structures in Earthquake Zones

Applications in High Voltage Cable Construction

Faced with the increasing demand for electricity, cable manufacturers have begun to use carbon fiber rods to reinforce high-voltage wires, and by using carbon fiber rods instead of metal cores, power companies can

  • Improve power transmission capacity

  • Increase the capacity of the power line (up to double the capacity)

  • Improve cable stiffness

  • reduce energy loss

  • Optimized infrastructure costs (can reduce the number of hanging towers)

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Applications in other industrial structures

Today's industrial processes require reliable, corrosion-resistant, durable equipment. Industrial rollers and robot arms require optimal geometric stability.

Usually, high modulus pitch-based carbon fibers are chosen in some industrial fields, mainly because of their low price. However, when it comes to rollers and robots that require high strength and rigidity, only Torayca®'s high modulus carbon fiber can meet these demanding specifications.

reinforced carbon

Composite moldmakers can also benefit from the use of carbon fiber. Compared to metal solutions, carbon fiber pultruded composites are lightweight and cost-effective, easy to use, and can provide better heat transfer and dimensional stability.

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